NECC ’09: Powerboosting your lessons with Wikis

Presenters: Cheri Toldedo, Walden U. (IL), Rose Arnell, MaryFriend Shepard Description: Power up your lessons by exploring Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, graphics, videos, podcasts, and other engaging technologies. Come with a lesson in mind to adapt for use with a wiki.
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Wikis for collaborative projects.  WE believe web2.0 tools should be used by students, and they should be massaging the tools. Knowledge construction is what it’s all about. We want the students to be active creators, interactors, webbers of information.

Collaboration is more than one kid doing A, one doing B, one doing C, mashing it together, and turning it it.  There must also be Kid A editing and considering B & C, etc.

All kinds of web 2.0 tools can be integrated into a wiki: polls, graphs, tables, cells, graphs, images, audio, video.

1. teach kids to set up a wiki, teach kids to revert pages, teach them to understand pages, discussion, user pages and histories.

2. The advantage of having users required to sign in to a wiki, is that students, colleagues, faculty, parents will have to use names in tools.

3. The history pages in wikis, and contributor lists is the beauty of the program… you have the ability to view who is doing work and who is not.  Who is contributing and making quality contributions?

4. CommonCraft’s video on how to use Wikis is almost better than this presentation.  But It’s a brief connection to tech.

5. How to upload images and files. has widget tools, which allows you to embed YouTube videos, and other materials directly to the site.  You can also embed podcasts from Audacity and other sites.

6. Possible to embed a calendar from Google Calendar into a Wiki.  So you could post deadlines for major projects into a wiki, as well.

7. All kinds of embedding tools.

I AM nearly completely shut out of Twitter, my own wiki, my blog, and the rest of the internet. Is the rest of NECC ’09 so thoroughly shut out of the Net?

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