NECC ’09: Introduction to Scratch

Michael Resnick and Karen Brennan of the MIT Media Lab are presenting. That’s good thing #1.  I expect this is going to be a solid presentation.

Good thing #2… I downloaded Scratch in about 11 seconds. I’d downloaded it to a different machine, and forgot it wasn’t one this one.  Lo and behold, I thought I was sunk.  Instead, I got it right away.  Two for two is good.

Team: Karen Brennan, Evelyn Eastmond, jon Maloney, Amon Millner, Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Mitchel Resnick, Eric Rosenbaum, Natalie Rusk, Jay Silver, Brian Silverman, and the MIT Media Lab.

1500 new projects added every day, more than 2 million projects in the last two years.  Showing a narrated project of the structure of the Earth’s crust, a game where you work through the economics of Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

European geography game… code borrowed and turned into US Geography game!

Hard to make a full-scale Scratch project in an hour… but we’ll make an interactive post-card.

FINAL THOUGHT: I really think this is the best educational session I’ve attended all conference.

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  1. Thanks for the positive comments. One small correction though, we have 461,000 projects on the Scratch website. One day, not too far from now, we’ll have 2 million! 🙂

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