Disruptive Innovations

Disruptive Innovations change the game.

Boarding schools, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools and public schools all emerged as disruptive innovations in their own time.  But there’s another model of school coming to market soon, and it’s old: Homeschooling. Unschooling.  And something that’s not there yet.

Parents know that the schools we have are ok.  They’re not failing kids despite all the political rhetoric. The vast majority of schools do acceptably by the vast majority of their students.  But “adequate” is not enough. 

Personalized learning is going to smash a lot of boarding schools and private schools.  Why pay $40,000 a year or $10,000 a year for schooling for your kid, when your kid can do these programs from a computer in the local public library?  Or from the skateboard park?  Or from a storefront science lab, or from a storefront tutoring program?   Even the standardized tests can be taken in storefront testing centers.  Athletic programs? Music programs? There are already extracurricular programs that support these sorts of activities; schools don’t need to be centers for these activities, either.  And parents who can opt out once the alternatives are “good enough”, will.

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