Red Tent Temple

Red Tent Temple
Originally uploaded by anselm23.

Here’s ‘s new Red Tent Temple, as I had it (incorrectly) set up yesterday. Since then I’ve made some modifications, and narrowed the set-up space by re-staking the corners and sides to be much closer to the tent itself. It’s not that hard for one person to set up alone, and I think it looks pretty good. Their first night in the temple (I think) is tomorrow.

Update: Saturday morning
I hope they have a good time. It rained a little last night, and it’ll be interesting to see how the tent holds up to the first wet. Although I do hope it clears enough and warms up enough that I can help them take it down tomorrow (Sunday). They’re worried about the grass underneath.

Given that the tent is canvas, and canvas has a propensity to rot, I think that the reality is that it will have to come down after each Red Tent, and go up beforehand, depending on how frequently they want to use it.

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