Feature last night

Last night I featured at Reflections Café on Wickenden Street. and have already announced it on their own LJs, but the reading is shutting down for now, and if it does re-open it will be in some other location.

The Got Poetry Live reading has been one of my favorites in the area for two and a half years. I always liked going when I could, and I’ve had three features there — one completely improvised. It’s been humbling, having a reading where I felt like I could get up on stage and rock the house without a clear plan, and I’m honored that they let me get away with it so frequently.

There were some problems with last night’s set. The camera was distracting, I found it hard to connect with the audience and still focus on what I was reading; I was shaken by all the drama around trying to get chapbooks published and not succeeding earlier in the day. In any case, I hope I gave the reading a rockin’ send-off, and I wish it well if it decides to reopen in another bat-time, another bat-channel.

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