Well, Poop: No chapbooks

Does anyone know of a printer/photocopy place in Providence, RI, that would produce chapbooks in … glances at watch … two hours?

The local copy place can’t oblige me, as their copier has broken down and their service company won’t come look at it until tomorrow.

Without some sort of printery, I won’t have books to sell tonight, and I’m mildly broken up about it.

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  1. I’d have responded earlier except, er, I was asleep. Dangers of nocturnality …

    And I think that printer pretty much just talked themselves out of any business you’d consider sending their way in the future. Genius!

  2. There is. The difficulty lay in getting to them on-time, and with a manuscript in hand, and getting them to copy it before the reading started.

    The place I was going to use never actually called me to say they wouldn’t be ready today. I walked in to make a change and they said, “oh, our copier has been broken since you brought the copies in. You wanted them today? That’s not going to happen.”

  3. I wound up solving the problem a slightly different way. The school’s copier was available to make 6-10 copies of Book of the Moon, and I’m going to try making 5-6 copies of Earth Meeting Sky the same way.

    I’d like to do a binding on them, but that may be more hassle at this point than it’s worth.

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