Cleaned out a couple of toilets today and yesterday. One had a plunger right next to it that had never been used. The other, someone had made use of it, but hadn’t been able to clear the blockage. A good faith effort is better than none, I think. Oh, well. My radio’s battery is almost dead, so I’m going to have to go change it out, if one is available. We definitely need a clearer effort to get the garbage packed, and packed out to the dumpster. That may be my job, actually.

I’ve missed the only class I wanted to take on Saturday, and I can’t find at the moment. I think a sweet young lady in a halter top persuaded her to go to the belly dance class or to the intro to hooping class. I hope so. So I may do a garbage run now.

Next year, we might need another scout on staff, but maybe not. I’ll talk to Chad first, and PMB about it later. My thought is, if we have a couple of scouting folks we might be able to teach these arts to more folks here on the adult staff of the camp. But it also might be more of a nuisance to the WildFire folks. We’ll see.

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  1. I am right here. I lost you while being “the
    official regiment kilt inspector.”
    and found another woman with a kilt. 😉
    was talked into going to intro hoop. It was fun.
    I just saw you juggling.

    Love you…

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