WildFire staff & play

This morning at breakfast, I sang the “Good Morning!” song before I made my announcements. People seemed really to like it. I also got to set off the camp “lightning alarm” as the community alarm clock at 8:30am. That was fun, though many people seemed to think it was annoying.

I did a bunch of minor errands in the morning, and then went to a swordplay class which was really interesting. Apparently you can’t lunge or do sudden strike maneuvers in fireplay, because the fire tends to stay in the same place, and then you move into it. Oops. Parries 4 and 6, and a few others, work… but you have to position your sword/firewand in such a way that the fire does not run up the blade to the hilt. So none of the downward positions work: parries 7 and 8 for example, as well as prime.

I went to two classes on single staff. One was on contact staff, which I loved but couldn’t do well. Then there was a traditional staff class, which I also liked a lot, and felt like I can do it with some practice. The two combined are capable of making a really amazing show together. I was going to do a double-staff class, but and I were overheated and needed a swim.

The fire-breathing crew think I’m pretty good. They want me to work on a special trick with them, and I’m down with that. We were going to do some of the practice this afternoon. However… It’s currently thundering/lightning. So we wound up clearing the field of extraneous equipment, and went inside instead.

Our friend R. wanted L and I to participate in a play. At first I was going to be Winnie the Pooh, but then I was just going to be a drummer. Now I’m doing something else, but I don’t know what. And I missed rehearsal, so now I really don’t know what I’m doing.

I’ve met a number of people I like, and a few that I’d like to get to know more clearly. There is, as said, a great deal of eye-candy and very beautiful men and women in all sorts of alt-outfits. The women are particularly spectacular; I may say more about that in another kind of post some day, though maybe not.

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