A few thoughts about WildFire for October 2008, which I’m not noting as criticism of WildFire June ’08, so much as materials for improvement.

1. The last day (Monday) needs dedicated crews for Lunch, Breakfast, and kitchen clean-up, each as its own separate thing, in order to improve people’s exit strategies.
2. The kitchen and dining hall need to be cleared of people and locked after clean-up, to prevent re-messing.
3. The last-day co-ordinator needs four clean-up teams, minimum, and effective team leaders: fire pits, field, kitchen and dining hall, and camp sites.
4. The camp sites team leader needs a team for the Site 5 shower house and handicapped bathrooms, to clean and mop them thoroughly.

Site management:
1. Rocks on-site are not positioned to keep you from getting to primo campsites. They are there to keep your (or anyone else’s) SUV’s weight from breaking a water line to a shower house.
2. Site 6 needs to be more clearly closed to vehicular traffic.
3. Fire spinning, fire eating and fire breathing belong on the field; pyrotechnics (including cauldrons) belong on the dirt of the theater; there needs to be a sheltered place for fire eating.
4. Lighting crews need to light the latrines (site 5, 7 and 6), and the shower houses (7 and 6), as well as paths.
5. Light paths more effectively.
6. Light the shower house at site 5 more effectively: lanterns in the two bathrooms, or solar-powered ground lamps.

Stylistic concerns:
1. Drum-n-dance style belly dance around a fire with drummers belongs at a separate location, and perhaps a separate event/venue.
2. Having 2 part-timer scout reps may smoothenify the relationship between WF and JNW, but increases certain kinds of risks.
3. Finding a balance between supporting WF and representing JNW can be tough. I think I did ok, but I can see how unbalancing in one direction or the other is easy to do.

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  1. Sorry we missed you last night. But way sorrier by far that we will miss the Handfasting this weekend.

    Feeling bad…

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