WildFire setup notes

So… the campmaster who runs WildFire next time should be prepared to…

1) set the dining hall for c. 200 people
2) find traffic cones for the parking lot
3) find the extra half-cord of wood and load it out
4) learn to breathe fire
5) find mattresses for silk acrobats
6) learn to turn off lights that have been deliberately left on for years: Trading Post, Dining Hall, etc.
7) Unlock the locked handicapped bathrooms
8) set up beds in a couple of tents for people without tents
9) Drive people up to the shed construction site
10) load toilet paper into latrines and bathrooms
11) set up 3 barrels in the camp field
12) set up 3 barrels by the greeting station
13) 3 barrels in Site 5
14) 3 trash barrels in Site 7
15) 1 trash barrel in Site 6

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