Here I am at WildFire setup day. It is almost 10am and I’ve seen none of the WildFire crew, nor has my phone rung. I suppose this is OK. I am going out at 10 to begin setting up the dining hall with tables and benches, and get a sense of how many tables and benches we will actually need. Our official attendance list is 205, and we’ll probably need seats and benches for a few more than that, because they’re using some of the space for vending, I think.

So far they seem to be pleased with the site. I think the JNW folks are pleased with them, too, and they’re looking forward to building this into a strong long-term relationship. I’m pleased to be the liaison officer between them. There is a lot of work to do, I think — camping areas to be platted, and signs to be put up, food to collect, the dining hall to arrange, swimming to be done and Guilder to be framed for it, etc. My list so far involves laying out toilet paper, trash bags, finding some trash barrels for the field and elsewhere, sweeping out the latrines and showers from winter detritus, and beginning the process of setting the dining hall.

It is supposed to be hot here at JNW, temperatures in the 80s during the day and 50s at night, with risk of thunderstorms on Saturday moving into Saturday night. Rain is not expected to be heavy according to NOAA. I hung out with the set-up crew for a while last night; they mostly seem personable and engaged.

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  1. Well, of course.

    I’m thinking, now that the door is opened to the WildFire folks, that we could easily begin planning an event of our own to occur here. Hmm.

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