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This is the beginning of the second week since school let out, and I’m reasonably happy. and I are going to WildFire this week and weekend, to learn how to spin fire and breathe fire and do other fire-based arts. I’m really looking forward to it.

My goal was to be under 270 pounds by this week, and I’m not going to make that particular goal. On the other hand, I am 274, which is considerably better than I was when I started. It’s an awesome beginning when I give up flour and sugar, and can drop from 295# to under 280# in just three or four weeks. I’ve also done a week’s worth of daily tai chi, and a few days’ worth of a yoga sun-salutation, which has been great. I feel more energized and focused than I did before. A good beginning.

Had dinner — sushi — with my good friend John B. last night. We talked about and my upcoming handfasting, and my relationships with school and work, and his work after a year in a new job. So far so good.

This past weekend I went to a playtest of the new D&D 4e system while was at the CT HerbFest (not pot but culinary/medicinal). I was really pleased with the system. It used to be that wizards cast their one spell and a cantrip or two, and then scurried to the back to hide behind the fighters (and a suitably thick stone wall, if there was one). Instead, I got to move into combat and throw magic missiles at a Kobold Wyrmpriest and Scorching Blasts at Kobold minions. I think I took down seven or eight minions myself, which gave the fighters the space to do their thing. Teh awesome!

I’m looking through my clothes to figure out what to bring/wear at WildFire, and coming up rather short-clothed. I have stuff to wear, I just don’t have much funky stuff to wear. I do have a performance outfit for fireplay, in the event that they let me do a burn, but we’ll see. Mostly I’m missing stuff like shorts and t-shirts that are good for wearing at a funky-outfit-friendly event.

Clio is doing OK. This heat is awful for her, though she did pass doggy obedience school (fortunately). She went for a run with me this morning, and that pretty much tuckered her out. Her pee problem is still a genuine problem, with no real or likely solution in the offing.

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  1. thanks for including us. we are in the “cool” camp master’s cabin. 😉
    sounds like fun!
    looking forward to hanging out with you too!

  2. I’ll stay very safe… I actually have the power to ask anyone to leave that isn’t being safe because I’m the property manager for the BSA. So I think that I’m likely to be treated with semi-kid gloves. They’ve got to know if they piss me off, I can yank their agreement for this fall.

    Hmmm…. leather? 🙂

  3. Hey there
    Have fun at Wildfire – be careful and stay safe. They’ll let you burn as long as you are showing that you are safe with your equipment. I’m sure you’ll be all set. As for clothing…you don’t necessarily need funky.

  4. Can’t. Leah and I are campmasters for the BSA and JN Webster, so we get to/have to live in the cabin. It’s nice when the scouts arrange for you to attend a fire-play workshop for free, but it also means we have to do some work….

  5. looking forward to seeing you two this weekend!!!!!
    We have a “pagan encampment” started. Would you like to be included in our area?
    Let me know before Thursday. Someone will be staking out an area for us.
    We’ve got about 6 adults and 3 teens.

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