Today is day 20 of my new exercise regime.  I started in the hope of going to NOLS this summer, but it’s becoming rewarding in its own right.  A colleague down in the gym today told me that I should start entering 5K races since I’m doing so well on the treadmill.  I’m not sure that a treadmill and a 5K race are qualitatively the same, but you never know. 

In the meantime I’m making changes to my diet.  I’m not off carbohydrates completely, but I’m doing pretty well in that regard, and I’m off refined sugar and gluten.  It’s been hard, not making bread.  I tried making cinnamon rolls a short while ago, and while they looked and smelled delicious, they were impossible to eat.  I put one in my mouth and it tasted like cardboard to me.  Amazing what two weeks of dietary changes will do to your taste buds.

It’s also clear from this that I need to eat in more.  and I went out for dinner on Monday and again last night, and we were hard pressed to find something to eat that met our new dietary regimes.  All the same, I look good and I feel great.  I can run at 4.5 mph for 45 minutes now, which is not something that I could do before.  Time to boost the workout to the next level, I guess.

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  1. A good question: all new or dormant fitness?

    The truth is, I don’t know. I’ve shed about ten pounds, and I’d like to drop about 40-50 more over the next year.

  2. I can run at 4.5 mph for 45 minutes now, which is not something that I could do before.

    Dang, that’s impressive. Where did you start from 20 days ago? Is this progress all new, or are you reviving dormant fitness?

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