Wow what a day!

Wow. OK, so this is what I get for opening my mouth. I’m now the vice-chair of a statewide commission for promoting teacher development at independent schools. This means, among other things, that in a year or so I will be the chair of this commission.

Me and my big mouth.

Was it only this morning that I typed up the April Full Moon sonnet? Why yes… yes it was. And there was a full day of grading and teaching and thinking in between the one, and the other. One of my colleagues on the commission thinks that I could be a dean of studies somewhere. Another told me I’m going to be a head-of-school someday. I’m not sure I would wish either job on an enemy.

Of course, today was also the day I heard back from my editor at a certain game company down south. He’s wanting words from me this spring, and possibly later this summer as well. This would be good, but it also means a lot of writing over the next two months. I’m going to ask my writing class if I should take the job, actually. Their opinion would mean a lot to me on this.

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