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    In the last ten days or so, I’ve been experimenting with a new software package called Viaverbi, available from It’s basically a sophisticated flash-card program, which tracks the number of times each card has been viewed, and whether you got the card right or wrong. It also runs little flash card tests of the words you’ve included, and it will also do basic reviews of words.

It’s not flashy, but I like it. It’s also showing me that my Latin skills are at about 40% of what I want them to be — given that I’m not familiar enough with the grammar to begin with, and I’ve only got 80% of the vocabulary right, on average, that I’ve already entered. So, I’ve been going back through my old Latin books and inputting all the words from all the vocabulary lessons since the beginning of the year, so I can keep testing on them and keep them in tip-top shape. This has necessitated quite a lot of typing in of accents and macrons (macrons are horizontal lines over i’s, u’s, o’s, and a’s in Latin words, and occasionally they are important in figuring out whether you’re looking at an accusative or a dative form of the word).

So far I have 318 words entered, which is not nearly half of them between the two Latin books my school uses. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about setting up this program to handle my Chinese ideograms and my long-rusted Hebrew, and start making use of some other parts of my brain.

Another flash card program, iFlash, has the ability to download the cards from a common library. However this tends to bypass the need to write/type out the cards yourself, which is an important part of the learning process in absorbing a new vocabulary. I need work with the process, but so far I’m pleased with my progress.

Also saw this video on LiveJournal on ‘s journal, and was somewhat taken with it.

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