Fencing @ Home

The school that was supposed to come for a fencing match today was not able to make it. Even so, we used our time slot in the gymnasium, and held a fencing match, us vs. us. It was reasonably successful.

Some students afterward asked, “Why did we have a fencing match tonight if we didn’t face another team?” To which I responded that I’ve spent at least some time, every single month in four years, to think of ways to become a better fencing coach, to build up a team and get it to the point where people were eager to see a fencing competition, and we could have a home match. That 80% of the work of tonight was done over the last four years — and now that it’s happened once, it’s more likely to continue in the future. We have another home fencing match scheduled in a few weeks, and it’s going to be great — because we’ve done this once already, and we can make it happen again.

It has made me very tired. I am exceptionally exhausted tonight, and plan on going to bed as soon as I am able, after lights out in 10 minutes.

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