OTC Review

A quick review of what I’ve learned this week: footwork maneuvers and coaching.

Sunday morning: Footwork
Sunday afternoon: Direct attacks (lunging, disengages, cutovers)
Sunday evening: the Rules of fencing

Monday morning: Direct attacks (cutovers)
Monday lunch: body mechanics and development across life-span
Monday afternoon: Direct attacks (disengages)
Monday evening: Feints and

Tuesday morning: Counter Ripostes
Tuesday lunch: Seminar on NCAA Rules
Tuesday afternoon: Counter Ripostes
Tuesday evening: Compound attacks (double)

Wednesday morning: Compound Attacks (one-two)
Wednesday lunch: meeting with USFA officials
Wednesday afternoon: Attacks on the blade (beat)
Wednesday evening: Attacks on the blade (press)

Thursday morning: Review of types of attacks
Thursday afternoon: Transfers in 4, transfers in 6, review exercises
Thursday evening: review exercises

Friday morning: Review?
Friday afternoon: Review
Friday evening: written exam

Saturday: practical exam
Saturday evening: graduation exercises

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