Olympic Training, Day 5

Day 5 begins with a perusal of the first page of the Colorado Springs Gazette. I see (below the fold) that the Bush Administration has awarded six contracts worth $1.5 billion for emergency services during the next Hurricane Katrina-type event. Four of those contracts went to firms that won n0-bid contracts for construction and emergency services during Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

It then proceeded to definitions. If one of USFA’s goals is unity of language about what different actions are, then it matters what the words are that are used to describe various actions, and the definitions have to be the same among all the different coaches. Hence, we’re studying definitions like mad. They are kicking my ass and taking names. I love the meanings of words as much as the next English-Latin-History geek, but such precise definitions, with exact meanings, are profoundly difficult to install in my brain. I’m not used to thinking with this much precision, especially not about fencing.

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