Argonautica Casting Call?

An appeal….

So… Worcester Storytellers has asked me to put on a performance of Argonautica: Jason at Colchis for June 9, 2006.

At this particular moment, I have no cast.

The play runs about an hour and a half, I’m guessing. I need at least three men and one woman to play main characters: Jason, king Aeetes, Orpheus, and Medea. Jason needs to be young/youthful and fair-ish, Aeetes needs to be old enough to have a daughter the same age as Jason. Orpheus has no set issues. Medea needs to be young enough to match Jason, her love interest.

There are also not one but two choruses, which need to consist of (in the case of the Colchians) equal numbers of men and women; and then the other needs to be an even number of men as the Argonauts. Ideally, I would like each chorus to be 8 persons…

So basically, I’m looking for 20 people in the Worcester area who are available on March 9, 2006, and who would be available in the Worcester area for several spring rehearsals on Thursdays.

There will be limited and largely symbolic stage sets and props; costumes will likely be modern in format — Medea very goth, King in good suit with medals and crown, Colchians in good clothes, Argonauts as working-class men or guys in uniform somehow.

Are there enough people to make this happen? I am prepared to be a member of one of the choruses, but I don’t plan to take any of the roles as one of the four principal roles.

Oh, and there’s a possibility that the play could be performed a second time during the late afternoon somewhere in Concord, MA, on June 10, 2006, so I’m also interested in whether or not people would be capable of doing both days, and being available for dress rehearsals during the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beforehand.

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    • It does sound awesome.

      Unfortunately, with only two replies from people who CAN do it, I may not be able to make this happen.

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