Hymn to Mars

Hail, mighty Mars, lord of battle and war,
prince of inner conflict and outer strife:
In all ages, mortals gather your lore,
seeking means to take an enemy’s life
and reduce far cities to ruined shells.
Wood, stone, bronze and iron answer your call;
Chemistry and quantum space both obey
and even the merchant’s soothing voice tells
how the work of war encompasses all
aspects of the world by both night and day.

Yet what of virtue, honor and glory?
What of courage to fight for worthy ends?
Is not struggle part of every story?
When discord and strife the cloth of peace rends,
there must be those who stand up and defy
honeyed words of harmonious bondage,
who put on the armor of spirited souls.
Treaties are useless and peace is a lie
if dignity fails, trampled and held hostage.
Those who rise and fight, the poet extols.

Encourage us, Mars, to fight for what we need:
Our houses and homes, our families and friends.
Fill us with the strengths of that ancient breed
of heroes, whose fidelity transcends
love of self and life, whose courage survives
and whose virtue overcomes fear and pain,
and batters every rampart ’til the grave.
Make me one in whom the warrior thrives,
so that honor and constancy remain
and my ethics and ideals make me brave.

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    • Hi Matthew.

      I don’t mind if you share the link to the poem with anyone who you think should read it (I direct your attention to the other odes in the Neo-Orphic Hymns, too, in case you want to read the other pieces in this planetary cycle).

      If you want to reblog or repost the content somewhere else, though, or reprint it as part of a profit-making venture, we’ll have to talk.

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