Cheating Hearts

Two of the kids on my dormitory have been accused of cheating. One definitely did it: he used the “notes” feature on his iPod to download his study guide to it, and then sat through the Spanish exam with the thing in his lap. Scoring a 100 on the test when you’re cheating — not so bright. The second guy has the definite appearance of impropriety, but wasn’t actually caught cheating. He went to the bathroom during the exam, and lo and behold — his Spanish textbook just happened to be in the bathroom. Ooops.

I try to design my exams every year so that there’s not much advantage to cheating, but it doesn’t always work. Now that two kids have been caught on this go-round, I guess I have to beef up my watchfulness during my second exam. I’d suspect my first examinees, on Tuesday, of cheating, but frankly the grades don’t warrant the suspicion.

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    • Oh, I don’t have to punish them. It wasn’t my exam, and the school will find a solution. What solution/punishment that is, I don’t know.

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