PB and I may very well be screwed. We agreed to double-up on fencing this year, and have two teams — a JV and a Varsity. He ran with both teams today, and tomorrow there will be more of the same. In a sense, we’ve both eliminated our window of opportunity this season — for a nap, for a cup of coffee, for pretty much anything. We have yet to work out our actual overlapping schedules, but it looks like Tuesday through Friday, I’m going to be coaching from 1:30 to 4:30, and even on my (newly rescheduled) day off of Monday, I’m going to be coaching until 2:45pm. How this will work, come February, I shudder to think.

Two of my students are currently embroiled in two (different and unrelated) cheating scandals. Another is accused of theft. Not a great day today for any of them. And now, to bed…

Good night!

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