Tuesday Night D&D

Once their dormitory jobs were done, my three students came to my room asking to play D&D. Frankly, I was wiped, but I’d promised to make Tuesdays gaming night, and it looks like I won’t be overwhelmed this year on Tuesdays — so we played. They were in a bad place last week, with two of their characters actively bleeding to death, and it wasn’t fair to leave them like that for several weeks. Kids are like that.

Their sorceror cast sleep on the snake that had attacked them, and knocked it out. He killed it using the ranger’s sword, and then proceeded to use his first aid (yes, I know it’s called Heal) skills on the other two. Two miraculous die rolls later, and they’re weakly able to move about. I was generous with them on this. They decided to high-tail it back to town, where Father Theo got them all patched up and healed them. After a night’s rest, they headed back to the abandoned abbey to continue their search for the missing girl, armed with a few thoughts from Father Theo about where to look. They also bring with them brother Matthew, a Wisdom 14/Intelligence 6 Level 1 cleric, who can fight with them and generally keep them alive when they do stupid stuff, but who won’t be too helpful in the planning department. We’ll see how that goes.

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