Couple of Thoughts…

It looks like the outer edges of Hurricane Rita’s northeastern quadrant are going to pass over at least southern Louisiana on its way to thumping Houston, hard. They’re likely to get at least three or four inches of rain in Louisiana, which may put New Orleans back underwater again unless they’ve got the pumps working and do a $100 million-a-day sandbagging job.

FEMA, of course, will be on top of this hurricane — but it’s Bush’s home territory, so doing well will still make them look bad. How about them apples?

I’m going to track coverage for other teachers in my LJ over the course of the next school year, giving it the tag “coverage”. Thus, when it’s the end of the school year and I have to write up what I did this year, I can say, I covered X number of classes, assigned to these teachers in these percentages.

  • TFA: 1
  • Tutor: 1
  • BB: 1

    Also going to track number of times I’ll be covered by someone else…

  • Wednesday, 28 Sept: BB on Dorm, FM on Study Hall.
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