Went to bed about 10:30 last night feeling pretty wiped.

Woke up when the alarm went off feeling pretty wiped. T’ai chi invigorated me, and shower invigorated me more, but I feel like I’ve stumbled out of the starting gate this year. Ben showed me that he got to write “same as [another class]” in his plan book yesterday, and it was the first time he’d ever been able to do that as a teacher… meaning that he could make one set of preparations for a forty-minute class, and have that preparation be useful for a second class. As he showed me, it occurred to me that I’ve never been able to do that, either. I’ve never taught two ninth grade history sections, for example, or two ninth grade reading sections. Even when I taught the two sixth grade sections a few years ago, I didn’t get to teach from the same set of books. Hence, two different plans.

Is that really so? In my years here, have I never had two classes be the same across the whole year? Public speaking, maybe. I was thinking about the way public speaking got cut this year, largely at my agreement, and it seems that the school has altered its curriculum to put the needs of three tutored students ahead of fifty-six others.

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