Equinox… running around…

Got a set of keys to the three locks in my room — desk and two filing cabinets — in my classroom this morning.

Can’t find them now.

Got a $120 check from the school to cover some payments I made on its behalf. I need the money to cover my phone bill from them.

Can’t find that, either.

Have a stack of papers to grade for my English classes, after grading like a frenzied dervish dances for the last several days. Not sure I like being an English teacher. I have to think about correcting grammar as well as basic content and style. Not fun. Feel like my work level has punched through the roof all of a sudden.

In a sense, teaching became work today. I realized that I’m used to assuming students’ work will get bettr with practice, and it usually does — but I’ve passed at least some of the grammatical training and literary style concerns on to some of my colleagues, namely my English teaching colleagues.

Now I’m teaching English. If I want students’ grammar and style to get better, I have to be the one to train them. To use the active voice: I correct every single English paper I get for grammar and style.

Talk about taking responsibility.

And I still can’t find my check.

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