“Diet” update…

I’ve been doing this diet from the doctor down in White Plains for a while now, and while I’ve not been great about following it, I have noticed some changes. Yesterday I put on a shirt that hasn’t ever really fit me properly. It’s labeled “large”, which means it should be tight on me, and not really comfortable. All that changed yesterday, when I put it on and it was snug where it should have been, and loose where it shouldn’t. I look better and I feel better, too. And these regular outbreaks of pimples on my flesh are slowing down and appearing much less frequently.

The doc said these skin outbreaks were the result of my skin doing its secondary function of flushing waste out of my body. The fact that there are a lot fewer pimples means that there’s a lot less waste inside, and it’s likely less toxic as a result. So far, so good.

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