So. Putnam has once again proved itself capable of magic and beauty. and I just came back from the first-ever RiverFire, an installation of twenty-five floating braziers in the Quinebaug River, which flooded fifty years ago this month and destroyed half the town.

It looked a little like Providence during WaterFire, but because it’s Putnam, it looks different, of course. and I walked around for a little while, then found a rock overlooking the River where we could see seven braziers burning all at once. Very Biblical, that. Nice to be seated upon the Rock and have seven lamps burning on the water-like-crystal at your feet. (all you Revelations scholars can ponder that image in reverse and discover how blasphemous I’m being).

Anyway, the next one is allegedly September 17. Save the date. In theory, and I will have a potluck supper here at my place in the early evening, followed by attendance at RiverFire for a little while. Limited crash-space for those coming from a distance may be available.

Last night, and I attended an all-night full moon ritual. We had a very nice supper together, the four of us “principals” though that’s placing way too much emphasis on our roles in this gathering: me, , J and C. Chris showed up later, and the five of us readied the space at the fire, collected and organized the wood, cleared the circle of dry leaves, set up tiki torches, put on some nice clothes (I wore leather pants!) and then called the directions and Spirit. The same tools I used at camp came in handy here, and we used them to help call the directions. C made us talk about our intentions, and we also called in those in need of healing. We drummed for a little while, but mostly we talked and listened to one another, and were silent. It was a very different fire circle than I had experienced before; felt the same way.

One of my realizations in the circle last night was the degree to which northeastern Connecticut is really my home. It’s my space in the world in a lot of different ways, and I’m loving the ways I’m feeling more connected here than ever. I know is happy to be here, too, even though she is struggling with issues of employment and finances. We’ll work these things out. In the meantime, I think we’re both deeply happy to be here in this place and time together.

Now I just have to get my writing project for White Wolf done, and I can enjoy what’s left of my summer… 🙂

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