August Full Moon Sonnet

Hail, Lady Moon, when the kingfisher flies,
and goose comes honking by, winging southward.
Forest nights echo with grasshopper cries;
the hour of twilight inches forward,
shadowing green apples still sweetening,
and pumpkin blooms wilting by sprouted corn.
Two deer shie away from a chance meeting.
Hercules dies; Orion is reborn;
wrens have hunted berries to extinction,
at least for this year. Early rains have come,
and each day brings some tiny prediction
of Autumn’s approach. No creature stands dumb
when winter’s first scouts and heralds advance:
maples burn red, and loose their leaves to dance.

Slightly delayed, this one. But it did get read at the Full Moon circle last night. It was a lovely night, and the fire burned until shortly after dawn this morning in a secret, sacred hollow on ‘s roommate’s land. We love her a lot.

Congrats to the Penny Players for all the Rave Reviews!

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