Busy, busy, busy…

Today is my last day with the Boy Scouts.

I have to have my worksheets ready to turn in, i have to do some make-up teaching for my archaeology class, and conduct chapel services tonight. Tomorrow I am driving down to White Plains, and then returning home; afterwards, I’m headed down to my parents’ vacation place in southern MA for a few days. (, if you want to come down and visit me there, and meet my family, you could probably do that, on Sunday or Monday… let me know!)

Spent a large amount of time last night working on a pamphlet for the Mountain Moon gathering. ( http://www.billingsgazette.com/index.php?display=rednews/2005/07/29/build/state/20-moon-fest.inc ). This work was unsolicited, but I felt that maybe if they had a friendly pamphlet to hand out to picketers, along with water and perhaps food, they could de-escalate the situation. There is space for maybe thirty-five or forty campers at Mountain Moon; a successful picketing effort could make lots of people feel unsafe.

‘s women’s gathering must have run late last night, because I didnt’ hear from her; love to her all the same.

Time to finish getting my act together for today’s rushing-around.

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