July Full Moon Sonnet

July New Moon Sonnet

Hail, bright crescent, floating above still lake
where violet dancers chase your reflection:
Water striders play with surface tension;
the hot stones seem thick with frog, and toad, and snake.
Chipmunks make use of every chance they take
to be playful while they build their pension —
for grasshopper’s song will never mention
the secret alchemy that starts to wake
in root and rhizome, in xylem and rock:
Winter will come, says mother to young son:
look — early grass transmutes to golden thread.
Hares, look to your warrens… geese, to your flock;
for though there’s time to play, and laugh, and run,
we’ll soon need good roofs, and a cozy bed.

Running a little crazy with the boy scouts. I’m supposed to leave around three or three-thirty every day, and I’m impressed at how much energy these kids can put out. My colleague PB told me it wasn’t like teaching school. Now I believe him. Can Boy Scout methods be refined for teaching in a school? Quite possibly. Am I ready to do it? No, not really.

Today was my unscheduled field trip to the Mystic Aquarium. As of today, the trip that the guys will do while the women are at ‘s place will be to visit the Mashantucket Pequot Museum. NOT CASINO…. MUSEUM. Anyone interested is welcome to join me.

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