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After several years of work, I have reached the end of Canto IV of Book II of the Epic Poem, and the Seventh Man has entered the story.

Then the wife of Galantar stood up,
Shaidya, a countess in her own right,
and a White Shawl too, though not as strong
as Daesena the chief of their ranks.
“Where my husband goes, I will follow,”
spoke the careful and clever lady,
“for I see a role for me and mine
at the end of Inaradd’s voyage.
Too, I hate being separated
for any space of time from my lord.”
“Woman!” growled Galantar with wolf eyes,
but she stilled him with a piercing stare.
So he made no further objection,
and the ship’s roster was almost full,
Only two places remained on board;
only two berths on the Long Passage.
Sensing hesitation in the hall,
Valden prepared to sweeten the deal,
though the prize was richer than he liked.
Unlike the fool who bets home and land
to win back losses on crooked boards
where dice-throws always bend to the house,
Valden had kept a reserve in mind,
a property that many would want.
So he steeled himself to the ante,
hoping to flush out two more rivals.
But then the hall doors were flung open,
and a somber gentleman entered,
presenting himself to all the guests.
“Sorry I’m late,” the seventh man said.

I’ve been waiting for this day for months. I feel like I should go and celebrate, but the fact is, I have no money to celebrate with, and no time to celebrate in. Off to my afternoon assignment for school. Yes, the Epic is coming with me. I want to get a solid start on Canto V today. Of course, it’s not like I don’t have other things to do. But sometimes we have to do what inspires us, and not what we must.

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