Recent Chants

I’ve composed a fair number of new chants recently, and I want to put them in one easily-accessible file.

For F & T’s Land Blessing
The Earth, the Water and the fire and air
Are dancing on this sacred ground;
And the Earth and the Moon, and the day and night,
are dancing in a sacred round.

For Drum & Dance — Amherst
Spirit is coming up like the daisies;
Spirit is rising up like the daffodils;
Spirit is spreading out like the roses;
Spirit is breaking new ground…
Spirit is breaking new ground.

For June 9
Vesta stepped down from her mighty throne,
to give the god Bacchus a throne of his own;
so she took Zeus’s hall, and made it her own,
by taking a stool by the fire…
by sitting and tending the fire.

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