Snowstorm and power outage…

I had just about walked in the door after school today when the weather overtook me. I was going to deliver a bunch of flyers to and early this evening for the WordSeed event on March 19, when I realized that the weather was acting up. I was debating between going to out to Frantic Rabbit with as host, and staying here and responsibly running a study session, but it looks like the weather will prevent me from doing the former — even though none of my students took me up on the latter. Earlier, it looked like it was going to just be flurries. Now my car is buried. I wish I’d gone to Florida for vacation, and kidney stones be damned.

It was at this moment that the school maintenance department began fussing with the building’s heating system and the generator outside.
Lo and behold, I was rendered powerless and heatless in a single moment. The power came back on, went off, came on… it’s been like that for most of the afternoon, unfortunately. The internet connection has also been spotty, and I don’t know exactly when I’m going to be able to post this entry.

Update: It looks like the internet connection is back up and running. My seventh grade exam is saved and ready to print, finally, and I can go over to the library this evening to photocopy it. It’s eight pages long, and has lots of writing on it. I don’t think my seventh graders are going to do so well on it, but one never can tell.

The ninth grade exam is considerably harder. It’s only one page, seven questions, plus as many blue-books as they care to fill. The spring term exam will be their 10-page paper, which I think will be sufficiently stressful for all of them.

I’ve been unable to log on to the school’s student-comments database this afternoon, I expect because of the power problems they’ve had with the generator. I’ll try again this evening; if I can get in, my goal is to write all the comments I have left to do, tonight. I don’t want to be bothered with them on Thursday, because I have White Wolf writing to do. As it is, the first part of my vacation is going to be heavily pressed-upon because I have many, many words to write and not much time to do them in.

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