Had a lovely time at Amherst Drum and Dance…

Came up with this chant during one of the sets:

We are the earth beneath our feet;
We are the feet, drumming the heart-beat of the world.
We are the hands, reaching for the sky;
we are earth, meeting sky.

It was good.

Saturday was an unplanned day. T, F’s wife, had a meeting of her coven, so we had to go out and not be in the house pretty much all day. So, we (me, F, and I) took to WEBS, the largest yarn store in America. She was a child in a candy shop, and eventually settled on some yarn for a blanket and a couple of scarves. She’s going to make a scarf for F… naturally, he wants triangles in it (Lj user=manjushri>– F also said he would be happy to talk to you by phone. He’s going to make an exception for you, I guess. He also wants to know if you’re moving to Arizona). After that, we went up to the Butterfly Museum, Magic Wings, which is just south of the Yankee Candle Company. Then Greenfield for lunch, and a walk/drive up to Poet’s Seat, where Forrest pointed out the hill in the Connecticut River Valley that he thinks is the most powerful energy site around here. Then back down into the valley, and up to F’s land — except halfway there he realized he forgot his keys, and so we detoured to the waterfall behind the ashram. Then into Northampton for dinner, where I forgot my scarf. We took F and back
to his car before I noticed that my scarf was at the mexican restaurant and not on my neck. and I headed back there to fetch it, and by the time we got on the MassPike, we were basically bone tired. Back home to my place tonight, rather than Cambridge Drum and Dance.

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