February New Moon Sonnet…

You all won’t need this, if you need it at all, for a few days, but I hope you all enjoy it.

Here’s the February New Moon Sonnet….

Welcome, bright crescent, to the frost-clear sky:
Fair Virgo rises and Cygnus sinks low.
The streams and the maple sap soon will flow,
but the tadpoles in the pond remain shy.
The snow on the ground — for now — will deny
the roses and daisies a chance to grow,
and the kestrel still shrieks his hungry cry.
Still, lady Moon, the days grow warmer now;
the deer at the edge of the wood have horns.
The dogwood and magnolia make ready,
and the new robins show red at the breast.
Your brother Sun rises early these morns,
when the sparrows sing, chirping and reedy,
and the thrush begins building his wife’s nest.

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