The Quest for the Stone

The Stone (actually, stones, plural — two of them) are still inside me. Neither of them has moved since Thursday.

and I spent a very nice weekend together, albeit slightly boring (not because of her, but because of my semi-forced inactivity). Because of something that came up this weekend, let me say here that she was very sweet — brought me groceries and things to eat, took me on a couple of errands around town, and generally played nurse to a not-terribly-receptive patient. It didn’t really help that I have no external symptoms: unless/until a stone moves, you don’t have any idea it’s there. When it moves, though, it feels like you’re giving birth to a caltrop.

In the meantime I’ve discovered Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia written by its members. I love it; it’s very cool and it’s given me a lot of useful information. I’m currently working on the article about Enkidu and a few other pieces.

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