I’m feeling an odd combination of cruddy and well-rested. On the one hand, I spent most of yesterday sacked out on the couch with a blanket, alternating between re-reading Dan Simmons’ Ilium and watching Smallville. It was sort of a silly way to spend the day.

Over the course of the day, my right eye became very irritated and red and sore. I think the dust levels in my apartment were up, and my head on the pillow must have pushed a number of minute particles up into the air and into my eyes. The right eye looked puffy and swollen all yesterday. Today it’s much, much better.

I have to pack and go down to my aunt and uncle’s place on Cape Cod today. Part of me doesn’t want to go out the door. I have things I want to work on here (I’d like to finish Canto III today, for one), and I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing the apartment with my new equipment and gear that I got for Christmas.

I also plan to take this print to be framed, that Leah got for me of the Herons preening themselves. I also need to get the OSL print re-glassed, since the long large crack through the middle of it has more or less ruined it. The Heron print is amazing. I unwrapped it Christmas Eve, and was blown away again by the majesty of these amazing birds. I think I was literally staggered, even though I was sitting down. Even in an art print, they come off as noble and majestic. definitely an important animal for me. Definitely.

Finally managed to clean out the car most of the way. I need to get one of those battery-powered vacuums, or take it to the carwash place in town, and use their vacuums. I’ll use theirs, I think, rather than buy my own. More and more, I want my own tools to be hand-tools.

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