We are alive, and the earth is alive…

An e-list I’m on just had this appear as a question —

This is a question from my daughter Olivia:
Does the Earth feel us walking on her?

And here’s my response:

Olivia, do you notice your toes?
You know they’re attached to you, it is true;
but oft that’s as far as anyone goes.
It takes something magical to renew
our acquaintance with body parts ignored —
a thorn, a tack, or tickling finger
and our sense of connection is restored
with the distant limb. That sense may linger
a little while, but you soon forget
until a sudden touch reminds your heart.
Earth remembers you the same way, I bet:
She’s aware of you as a distant part
of her own being, and your joy and hurt
she feels in her core, her bedrock, and dirt.

In no particular order…
Spent most of the day hanging around the Java Hut in Worcester. Caught up with several LJ people, none of whose tags I can suddenly remember. Hung out a while with . Hung ‘s new curtains in the morning, after digging out her car and mine. Finally came home after finally finishing Canto II of Book Two. I lied on Sunday night — Canto II wasn’t done, it had three more verses to finish; but the bits I had were too good not to share. In any case, now it’s really done, and Canto III is begun. Came home, made some dinner, assembled a new bookshelf from IKEA for , and a new rolling cart for my office, from the same place. Detoxed a bit from all the coffee I drank.

Talked for a bit about mythic patterns with a couple of JH regulars, one of whom didn’t seem to know much of what he spoke of, and one who is experimenting with mythic forms. The second conversation was much more useful, because I got to hear someone else’s creation story, and begin playing my own creation story back and forth in my head for a while (Thanks, Nick!) and see what it needed, what it had and didn’t, and what needed to be redacted. The creation of scripture is a difficult matter, but it is just one of those holiday games…. and so on.

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