The Frantic Rabbit reading tonight at the Spacement has been cancelled. It turns out that the artists’ and activists’ collective there has been receiving some unfriendly attention from the authorities because those authorities believe the place is a den of iniquity for eco-terrorists.

Here’s the note from ‘s journal, in its entirety.

From an e-mail I’m certain not everyone recieved:

I am so sorry for the short notice, but yesterday morning I recieved a call from John Bean informing me that it probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea to host the Frantic Rabbit at the Spacement this evening. The venue had been recieving some unfavorable attention from the authorities under the assumption that The Spacement was affiliatated with eco-terrorists. The owner of the building has told John that he is evicted. There is some hope, but as I could not find another place for the reading this week, unfortunately I’ll have to cancel. I plan on having another at least semi-permanent location by next week, I’ll keep everyone up to date.


I am so sorry guys…

The closest I could get is that we could have a smallish “round robin”, steal a couple of tables at the Java Hut, do some ‘guerilla poetry’ there at 7:30 until 8:30-ish before the musical open mic, irritate the emoguitar fagtards with our more articulate angst-itry… just kidding. Not really.

Depending on the weather I may go to the Java Hut, but I may also stay in. I’m supposed to go to my parents tomorrow, and hang out with them for a few days. , I’m sorry you’d decided not to come to the reading tonight, but it looks like that was the best choice after all. Anyone else who was thinking about coming a long distance to hear me, stay in and read Wilfred Owen instead.

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