Cutting back…

Before SpiritFire, the sum total of messages I needed to keep and save had climbed to an all-time high of 74. Today, after some judicious pruning and weeding, I have managed to get it down to 29. Normally, I try to keep it in the 15-25 range, preferably under 20.

I opened Forest’s book for the first time today. It was… interesting. I’m not sure what it means yet, and I see what he means about it being a life-long study. He said it couldn’t be read quickly, and he was right about that. However, the glyphs of immanent, transcendant and omniscient thinking jumped out at me off the page, and I suspect I’ll be thinking about them for a long time.

I’m staying home tonight to ground a little after SpiritFire. and I went a long, long way together in a very short period of time, and we’re still tired and not on our own sleep schedules. But I’m going to go help paint her office tomorrow, then sit in the afternoon and write for a bit, and then stay with overnight.

It’s hard. My parents want to see me this weekend, and all my friends are having parties, and there are people from SpiritFire that and I want to connect with in the real world, so to speak, and there’s AHO to plan for, and there’s 25,000 words to write for a game company down south. How’s all this going to get done, and get done in the next month and a half. The hermit part of me is starting to feel a little worn around the edges.

At the same time, I know I opened up farther and faster and more deeply than I have before, and that change is coming into my life in a big way. I’m excited and happy about that. I’m just trying to make sure that the parts of my life that are important to me don’t get swept away while I’m assimilating this new stuff. Maybe that’s a futile task, but I still need to be a writer and a poet when the dust settles, and that means listening to silence once in a while. How does one make space for silence in a life that’s very busy?

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