Busy day….

Got the covers made for my CD. They look good; I had them made at Staples, which not only did the color copying, but also cut them out of each sheet.

Only, they cut them too big, by about a 1/16th of an inch. So I’m having to re-cut them to fit the slimline CD cases. What a royal pain that’s turning out to be.

I’m going to charge $10.00 for my CDs apiece. Even though there’s no art or fancy printing on the CD surface, they’re not exactly cheap to produce in small numbers — I’m guessing $3.00 for each CD. The cover cost $1.00, the CDs cost about $1.00, the jewel-boxes about $1.00. So that’s $7.00 for the poetry inside. My first chapbook was 25 poems and sold for $5.00; this is slightly over half as many poems, but each poem is twice as long, and I’m cutting in for part of the take, because it was his studio equipment that made the CD, and his is the last piece on the disk. So he gets $1.00 per CD, ’cause everyone needs royalties…

Talking with B.G., I’m thinking about doing a companion volume of all the pagan/Greek myth bits, a whole CD of iambic pentameter. There’s probably 45 minutes of Greek myth pieces, and if I can finish the Arthurian cycle I started before we next do recording, there’s probably more than two hours of mythical/legendary material. Yikes! When did that happen?

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