Memory, Not a sound…

Yesterday, I spent most of the day trying to get The Heron off-page and into my head. Gods, what a chore. It seemed to take most of the day, though I’m sure I didn’t work it in the most efficient way. Craig N. and I worked through Judgment of Paris in an afternoon several years ago, such that I had it in memory from that day down to the present. The Heron seemed much more difficult. Maybe not having someone to help run it back for me or prompt me is the difference.

Right now I’m trying to memorize The Knitting Lesson. The more formal structure is sorta helping, and sorta not helping. I have the first two verses, and the last, and some of the third verse, but the third, fourth, fifth and sixth verses are driving me a little crazy. I almost get them, and then I lose them.

I’ve also just gotten a new memory project — For SpiritFire, I’m going to be doing one of the morning salutations, and it looks like that’s going to be the Homeric Hymns to Gaia, Helios and Selene, unless I can get my act together and write something. My assignment is to do something Greek-themed and sun-related. Which means either these Homeric Hymns — or writing Helios and Phaethon. I’ve been working on that H&P story for a while now, and it’s just not coming together. The same with the Percival piece for Dan’s Rite of Passage thing. Somehow, I need to kickstart my head.

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