OK this is sorta cool. Sorta.

You are an Imago, a mysterious entity of power. You
act as guardian, guide, and obstacle to other
Beings, giving them what they need rather than
what they want. To Second Sight, your eyes
glimmer, shine, and scintillate. You cannot be
killed or destroyed, and your powers are
vast… but only in service to others.

What Type of DEAD INSIDE Being Are You?
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Had dinner with the C’s tonight. Mr. C is a minister here in town, and his wife teaches. They’re cool people, and their daughter is in college, and their son is at my school. I like them all. Turns out C-daughter has been getting interested in paganism… she was kinda testing the waters in conversation over the dinner table tonight. Interesting. We wound up having a good dinner, and good conversation, and I finally left about 10:10, when it became clear that we were all falling asleep. Good food will do that to you.

Tomorrow I start working out in the school gym, according to my deal with myself. And I’m also hoping to go to the poetry reading up in Worcester, if I can get another poem memorized for tomorrow. I’ve got the Heron down, finally, after getting the third and fifth verses screwed up again, and again, and again….

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