Parth Morren Days (Orien)

So… last night, T got whacked and knocked unconscious by a chair — an animated chair. He’s very embarassed by this, and he’s kinda thinking he wants to beef up his character’s fighting abilities.

So tonight, we’re picking up with him tied in the chair. And Dalanas Cooper and his henchmen standing over him. The questions being,

“Who are you?” (Answer: T’s PC name, which I don’t recall offhand.)
“Who told you about the safe?” (Answer: a man hired me. He told me I could have the 2 bags of gold inside, if I brought him the gray stone.)
“How did you get into the house?” (Answer: I climbed up the drainpipe on your neighbor’s house, climbed over a rope to your house, and came in through an unlocked window.)
“Who hired you?” (A guy at this tavern. I don’t remember much about him. He said he’d contact me.)

The last answer is the least satisfactory, to my mind. I have to see how T does about describing him, or if I have to provide all the details. At the very least, I need to have an tavern in mind, and a possible Mr. Johnson, to be able to feed him some details.

So… we’ll say that T was stopped by a man outside the Three Ships Inn, and he met a guy with short black hair, green eyes, brown studded leather armor, and a crescent moon tattoo on his hand. Thomas won’t remember which hand, or whether it was waxing or waning. That will connect the guy to the Brown Cloaks, but not which faction.

Depending on how helpful T is, Dalanas will either let T go, or have his men throw him into the street. Dalanas is basically a good guy, but he’s also a smuggler; he’s not likely to kill T but he also won’t hand him over to the police. He doesn’t want an investigation, and he doesn’t want T coming back for a second try. If T is helpful, he might get a promise to be hired.

I also think that, as a ‘lesson’, Dalanas will empty T’s purse and take his gold, as a ‘warning’ not to try this again. So T will have to go out into the street and pick pockets or something, and try some of his other rogueish skills.

I could really get to like this game. By the way, Lyndon, thanks for the comments. You’re welcome to make more direct comments if you like — advice and help is welcome.

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