Dawn over Parth Morren (Orien)

OK, that was interesting.

T didn’t admit to much.

So Dalanas decided to go a different route. DC caught him in a number of lies, and demonstrated those lies to T in a variety of ways. Even when caught, T was very careful, though, and took a lot of the risks himself, rather than foisting them on his supposed employer. “I’m not going to hand you over to the police,” Dalanas said. “You opened the best lock in my house, and showed me a weak point in my house’s security, and showed me how my daughters might be at risk. But you didn’t actually hurt any one, and you snuck around pretty well. So… you like this painting so much, you can have it, after you pay for it.” T had claimed he had come to steal a painting, but for himself, not for anyone else.

“So.. I’m going to take these three gold pieces you have, as a first installment. Then, my man James here will walk you down to the waterfront, and you’ll try out those nimble fingers on a few passers-by… you know, a little wallet lifting…. and if you get, let’s say, six purses… then the police won’t find a corpse with broken fingers in the harbor tomorrow… does that sound fair?”

T went for it. “Very fair. More than fair. I accept.”

So he got thirty chances, none of them very difficult on the crowded waterfront. I rolled up 20 spot checks ahead of time, and described the people he passed; he decided whether or not to nab their wallets. And T picked pretty well — I’d prerolled the #s, so I could give him a likey estimate of his chances. The one serious risk he took, he beat the guy’s spot roll by 1.

So tomorrow or the next day, we’ll play for another half-hour to hour, he’ll nab one or two more wallets, and Dalanas’s man will offer him a job of some kind. And he’s now got two patrons — the guy he described to me out of game, and Dalanas Cooper. And at some point I can make him decide which one he really wants to work for.

Readers should feel free to comment on plot points or future directions; I’ve never run a game for a thief before. Definitely, I should put a couple of ‘things to do’ in his catch of wallets. a card with a name, or an address. A key. Some clues, hints to other adventures.

Another thing I should do is make up a list of lots and lots of people with pockets to be picked. It’s a good quick little adventure, and it’s relatively easy to arrange.

Now, to bed.

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