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After I hung up with (side note — the phrase “lj user=lovelips”, without quotation marks, but with triangle brackets, will generate that lovely little user icon and the user’s name), there was a parade of students in need of stuff. One needed the battery in his smoke alarm replaced. I didn’t have the right battery, so I cannibalized a smoke detector from another, empty room. Now the kid’s alarm won’t beep all night, every minute or so, and keep him awake. Another kid wanted to use the microwave. A third wanted me to go down to the basement; the janitor left her radio on again, very loud, and it’s right under the kid’s room. What with one thing and another, twenty minutes pass. It’s now 9.

And then the fourth student of the night comes up. This kid wants to learn to play D&D. Dungeons and Dragons. So I sit him down, help him through character creation, help him roll stats, buy stuff, choose skills, and so on. He’s thrilled — he made a thief, and he was so happy to have a character with a 16 and an 11 as his top scores. I explained what his 8 in Constitution meant, and he said, “Oh. So my character has asthma.” I had him write that down. Sometime around 9:15 I got up and walked around, and got kids to do their dormitory jobs. About 9:40, I put the dormitory to bed. Now it’s 10:15, and the kid has his first D&D character, with an 8 CON, three 10’s, an 11 and a 16. And he’s happy. We did a mini adventure where his thief breaks into a house, and he was happy.

Cool. I haven’t had this much roleplaying fun since ‘s Elves game folded… 🙁

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