Summer Plans

Well, there’s no coaches college for fencing in Olympic years. The college’s dormitory is taken over by the fencers themselves before they go to the Olympics, and the staff of the college goes to the Olympics with the fencers. So either the building is booked, or the staff is away. So no coaches’ college this year.

This leaves open the question of whether or not to go to Starwood.

Today was at least as long a day as Tuesday, though not as long as Monday. On the other hand, I’m on dorm duty tonight, so it will be longer than Tuesday by definition. And it may wind up being as long as Monday, because the day will end about the same time, and I’m equally tired.

Tomorrow is my day off. I have a choice between Speak Out Poetry Collective in Worcester, and SPEAK… on the Road in Mendon. Gotta get off campus tomorrow night.

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