Weight Update

I gained a lot of weight that I didn’t mean to gain for the holidays, as a result of eating too much food, and too much of the wrong kinds of food. So even though I was at 248 just before Christmas, I balooned up to 256 as a result of eating the cranberry pie at Christmas dinner, and the potatoes at Christmas Eve and Day dinners.

Today, I’m back to my new low of 248. So it was a temporary thing, rather than just a flash in the pan. And as (Bruce) suggested, it was easy to lose the weight and return to the new low. I hate to be overly prescriptive about what I’m going to weigh, and when, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume I’m going to be aound 225 by the end of March break, and maybe down around 200 by June. Forty-eight pounds in six months doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Still glowing a bit from a good, sweet and pleasant time with Leah this weekend, and driving around to various places with her. It was good to see our summerfriend Anne, as well. In theory, Anne has a LiveJournal, but I don’t know her address. I wish I did.

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