Thanks to (Alex) for this really cool one-locked-room mystery story which is very cool: Fleep. I like it.

Was going to visit grandma today, but she’s not really up to it. So I’m going tomorrow.

Just got back from a weekend in Boston with (Leah). Friday we just spent together; though we’d sort of thought about going out, neither of us was up to in in the event. So we didn’t go anywhere. Saturday we drove up to Keene, NH, and visited her old school, and I tried to teach her chess. We got interrupted in our chess game by a call from Anne, and so we drove to Portsmouth to pick her up. She’d spent the day with her sister, and then drove back to Cambridge with us; her house was full of company, so she wound up staying with us that evening. We had lots of time to talk and catch up with one another, and it was good to see her again after she’s been away for months and months.

We had a really good time together. On Sunday, we went out to Worcester to hear poetry, and hang with our friend Anne. We thought she’d really like poetry, and she did. After, we took her home, and she let us use the pool and sauna and hot tub in her condo complex. It was really sweet and wonderful. Afterward, Leah and I went home and cuddled until we fell asleep; in some ways it was the most romantic part of the weekend.

Heard Bill’s feature last night. He had a lot of good stuff, but it was all things that I’d heard before or read in his diary. I wish I’d had money for his book. Saw (Tony) — he didn’t look too good with the flu, and I hope he gets better soon. He looked cranky in more ways than one, and his diary entry today suggests that he’s very cruddy. Feel better, my friend. It sucks to be sick, and I hope you are well shortly.

Read my Walden Pond piece last night. Both Anne and Leah liked it a lot. I felt like it cribbed a fair bit from David Whyte, this poet that Leah has introduced me to in the last few weeks. It’s both me, and somehow not me. Of late, writing has been a great effort and a terrible need — It seems to take days of work to make something, and the time has not been there in great profusion and the energy needed has been enormous. I’m out of practice, this is part of the problem.

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